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Choose a Roster

Open the Roster Picker to see all of the rosters that you’ve created or have been shared with you. You’ll also have access to each grade at your school.

You'll see the Roster Picker throughout LiveSchool, and it works the exact same on every app. LiveSchool remembers which roster is selected as you navigate between apps.

You can search for a student at any time, whether or not they’re in your rosters.

Hide and Unhide Rosters

In case there are rosters you use less often, you can hide a roster to take it out of your rosters list.

To hide a roster: click the rosters option button and choose hide. The roster will be moved to your hidden rosters

You’ll see how many rosters are hidden on the “hidden” button, click it to access your hidden rosters.

To unhide a roster: go to your hidden rosters, click the roster option button and click unhide. This will move the roster back to your rosters list.

Rename a Roster

Renaming is simple - just click the roster options button then "Rename." Choose a new name and save!

Renaming a roster will rename it for everyone the roster is shared with.

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