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When creating a new Roster, sometimes the easiest way is to select students from already created Rosters. If a Roster isn't showing on the dropdown list after clicking on "Add Students" it's for one of two reasons:

  1. The "Add Students" Rosters are only Rosters that are shared with you, these are the Rosters that appear on your My Rosters screen. To get additional Rosters to appear, have one of the owners of the Roster or a LiveSchool Admin, share that Roster with you, with these directions.

    If you are an Admin, you can access all of the Rosters when choosing "All Rosters", but will have to share each Roster with yourself for it to appear on the dropdown.

  2. The "Add Students" Rosters dropdown can only access 60 Rosters at a time. If you have more than 60 Rosters shared with you (showing on your My Rosters screen), you'll need to unshare those Rosters with yourself using the reverse of these directions. Don't forget to check your Hidden Rosters. Learn more about Hidden Rosters in our article, Navigating the Roster Picker – Renaming, Hiding, & Unhiding Rosters.

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