STEP 1 - Navigate to Rosters

Select Setup on the Main Menu and then choose Rosters.
  1. Click Setup on the Main Menu

  2. Select Rosters

STEP 2 - Switch from "My Rosters" to "All Rosters"

Open the My Rosters dropdown and select All Rosters.

STEP 3 - Click the "Share this roster" button

Select the teacher icon on the Roster.

STEP 4 - Choose Yourself and Any Other Admins or Teachers to Share the Roster with and Save

Select one or more teachers to share the Roster with.  To view the next page of teachers, select the empty circle.

Choose the blank circle to move to the next screen of teachers.

All done!

Now you'll see the roster in your "Rosters" list on the Roster Picker, along with on the "Add Students" dropdown when building new Rosters.

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