Add Points to an Entire House

Award points to an entire House, just like you give points to students.

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Want to Give Points to an Entire House?

You can award points to a House without the points going to a particular student, by creating "students" with your House names and placing these "students" in the appropriate House roster.

The Houses will show up as a Roster in your Points app, and points can be awarded to the "House Student" on behalf of the House itself.

You can also create custom behaviors on your rubric specifically for awarding points to Houses, for example, a point for a House vs. House "Tug-of-War," and make these points worth 100, 200, 300 points!

You first need to create the House as a student, then add that "student" to the appropriate House roster. Learn how below!

If your school is syncing with Clever, contact us to set up this option.

Create the House as a Student


Go to Setup

When creating a House "student", first open the Setup portion of the app.


Choose "Students"

From within the Setup screen, select "Students".


Add a New Student

Select "New" from the top right corner.


Name Your Student after a House

Fill in the fields for "New Student", we suggest "1." for the first name, the House name for the last name, and that all "House Students" are placed in the same grade, a grade that is not utilized within the building.

Giving your "House Student" the first name of "1." will keep them at the top of your House list.

We also encourage placing all "House Students" in a grade your school doesn't use – this way, if you award points to an entire grade, Houses won't earn extra points.


Repeat Steps 3 and 4 to Add All Houses As Students


Click the "Back" button in the lower, left hand side

Select "Back" in the bottom left corner to return to the Setup screen.

Add the House "Student" to Your House Roster


Choose "Rosters"

Select "Rosters" from the Setup screen.


Click the "Add or remove students" button on the house roster

Select the Student Icon for the House you'd like to edit.


Go to the Add Students screen and Select the Grade in which you placed your "House Students"

After selecting "Add Students" in the top left, select the Grade level in which you placed your "House Students"


Click the House Student button & Add the "Student" to the House roster

Once you've opened the grade, select the "House Student" from the student list. Then select "Add Students" from the bottom right corner.


Repeat Steps 8-10 for Each of Your Houses

You'll then have a student button for the Houses in their House rosters, but you can always search for the House too, just like you do for students!

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