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Difference Between Points and Rewards
Difference Between Points and Rewards

Understand why your Points screen displays a different amount than your Rewards screen.

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LiveSchool's Points and Rewards screen will typically display a different amount of Points earned by each student. There are a few factors that make this true, but the biggest factor is the intention behind each screen.


The Points screen displays all merits (and demerits) a student has earned according to the display settings set by the user. This total ignores any purchases made by the student so that students can see a running total of their earnings over the year.


The Rewards screen displays the total Points saved by the student that are available to spend. Limited display settings can be set on the Rewards screen since students have access to any saved Points they have accrued, minus Points they have lost (if this feature is enabled), and minus any Points spent.

If a student had earned 100 merits for the year but had spent 50 points on rewards. In "Rewards", they would see 50 but in "Points," they would still see 100.

Other Factors to Consider:

Display Settings:

Each user has the option to edit the timeframe being displayed, along with whether all teacher's Points are displayed, or only Points awarded by that specific user.

Resetting Bank Account Balances:

If your Admin has recently reset the Bank Account Balances of your students, the Rewards screen will appear blank, but the Points screen will still show the accrued Points from the year.

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