Admin can access all Rosters by switching from My Rosters (top center) to All Rosters, and then share Rosters as needed with themselves or other teachers

From the Main Menu click Setup and then Rosters.  Click on the teacher icon and select all staff you'd like to give access to that Roster.

Steps to Share a Roster

  1. Go to Setup

  2. Choose "Rosters"

  3. Click the “Share this Roster” (teacher icon) on the Roster you’d like to share.

  4. Choose which teachers or admins you’d like to share the Roster with.

  5. Click “Save” and those teachers/admins will have access to the Roster!

The rosters you create are automatically added to your "Rosters" list on the Roster Picker. If you know that a teacher has already created a Roster you'd like to access, you can ask them to share it with you using the steps above. You can also ask an Admin on the account as they have access to all Rosters created.

Anyone who has access to a Roster can share, update, or rename the Roster.

When building a new Roster, only those Rosters shared with you will show up in the Roster dropdown when you click "Add Students".

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