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Editing/Updating Rosters: Add or Remove Students
Editing/Updating Rosters: Add or Remove Students
Use these steps to make edits to your rosters
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Adding or removing students from a roster updates the roster for everyone that the roster is shared with. Please note that Clever rosters MUST be adjusted in a school's SIS/Clever rather than using the directions below

From the Main Menu, select Setup and then Rosters.  Click on the student icon on the Roster you'd like to edit.  Then select students to remove, or click on Add Students in the top, left corner to add additional students.

Steps to Add or Remove Students from a Roster

  1. Go to Setup,

  2. Choose "Rosters"

  3. Click the “Add or remove students” button, and you’ll see the same screen you used to create your roster.

Currently, you can only view students alphabetically by first name. There isn't a way to arrange them by last name.

To remove students

  • Select students and click “Remove

To add students

  • Click "Add Students" in the top left

  • Select a Roster to pick students from, but remember only Rosters under "My Rosters" will appear in this dropdown. If you'd like access to others, see our article on Sharing a Roster.

  • Select the students and click “Add Students” in the lower right corner

Can't find the Roster you're looking for when the "Add Students" dropdown opens, check out our article, Roster Missing from "Add Students" Dropdown.

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