Setup Option 1: Sort Students by Grade

From the House Points menu, select "Create Houses using Grade lists".

It takes just one click to Create Houses Using Grade Lists. When you do, your Houses will be named based on the grade number, but you can Change a House Name with these directions.


Setup Option 2: Sort Students Randomly

From the House Points menu select, "Sort my students into Houses for me".

To Create Randomly Sorted Houses, choose "Sort my students into Houses for me", choose how many Houses you'd like to create, name your Houses, then Create Houses!

You can then Download a House List to announce Houses to students!


Setup Option 3: Sort Your Houses Manually

From the House Points menu, select, "I've set up my House rosters" and search for each House by its Roster name.

To Create Houses from Pre-Sorted Groups, you'll first need to create rosters for each of your Houses. Once you do you can link them to House Points. Click the link for a detailed step-by-step!

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