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Login Issues with Admin Login
Login Issues with Admin Login

Common issues that arise with logging into the Admin Panel.

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Go to to enter your username and password.

While our long-term goal is to offer everything users need right in the LiveSchool App, there are a few things you can do only in our Admin Panel. Things like Refunding a Reward, Deleting Rosters, and Changing User Passwords.

Logging into LiveSchool's Admin panel uses the same username and password as your regular LiveSchool account, but we often have users report slow loading screens or errors.

If you are experiencing an issue logging into the Admin Panel we first suggest trying in an Incognito window. This article shows you how OR you can use the shortcut "Shift + Ctrl + N" on a PC, or "Shift + Command + N" on a Mac to go Incognito immediately.

If the Incognito window worked, that likely means something in your browser's history is interfering with the way LiveSchool is working. In that case, (or if your district doesn't allow Incognito windows), we would suggest either clearing cache for LiveSchool specifically or clearing your browser's history. This will allow you to continue to operate out of your usual browser instead of requiring an Incognito window each time.

To clear cache in Google Chrome:

  1. Click on the three dots in the top, right corner of your screen and select "More Tools".

  2. Select Clear Browsing Data and then click Cancel to avoid clearing your entire browser's history.

  3. Choose Privacy and Security from the left-side panel.

  4. Scroll down and click the arrow next to "See all site data and permissions"

    Click the arrow to the right of "See all site data and permissions"
  5. Click the trashcan for sites associated with LiveSchool.

To clear all browser history:

  1. Click on the three dots in the top, right corner of your screen and select "More Tools".

  2. Select Clear Browsing Data.

  3. Adjust the Time Range to "All Time" and click on "Clear Data".

Note: Clearing browser history clears all login information for any site (not just LiveSchool) you have previously logged into, requiring a new login.

If this doesn't work, chat us or reach out to

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