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Use LiveSchool's Admin Panel to change passwords, set Admin access, delete Rosters, and Refund Rewards.

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Our team is working to make all functions of the Admin Panel available in the main application itself. Once the updates are complete, access to the Admin Panel will be obsolete.

Go to to see the option to enter a Username and Password.

To access LiveSchool's Admin panel, go to and log in with your LiveSchool username and password. The Admin panel will be most helpful for the following tasks:

  1. Changing user passwords.

  2. Setting Administrative access for Clever staff.

  3. Deleting Rosters. (Only available to sites that don't sync with Clever.)

  4. Refunding Rewards.

  5. Setting Rosters as Homerooms.

When logged in, an "Error 404" page might appear.  If this happens, simply click another tab.

If you see "Error 404" once logged in, don't be alarmed, simply click on a different tab. For all other login issues, check out our article, Login Issues with Admin Login.

Change User Passwords

When users are unable to access LiveSchool we would first suggest using the "Forgot Password" link on the main page and following the directions in our article, Reset Your Forgotten Password.

If a user is still having trouble logging into LiveSchool, those with Administrative access can change the password for the user. After confirming the email address matches the one the user has been using, go to the Faculty tab, select the Pencil Icon, and click on the Change Password tab.

Click the pencil icon on the right, go to the Change Password tab, and enter the New Password and a Repeat of the New Password.

Set Admin Access

LiveSchool sites that are set up via CSV at the start of the year can give teachers administrative access within LiveSchool itself. For those directions read our article, Edit a Teacher Account.

For sites set up via Clever, administrative access can only be assigned within the Admin Panel. To assign administrative access to a user, go to the Faculty tab, click on the Pencil Icon, and switch the user's group from Teachers to Administrators.

To set Admin access, click the pencil icon on the right, and open the "Group" dropdown.

Delete Rosters

LiveSchool sites set up via Clever can only delete Rosters by first deleting them in the school's SIS. Those changes will then update in LiveSchool after the next sync.

LiveSchool sites set up via CSV can delete unwanted Rosters by going to the Rosters tab, clicking on the Red X, and checking the box next to "Are you sure?".

To delete a Roster, click the pencil icon, check the "Are you sure?" box and click Delete Roster.

Refund Rewards

Undoing or deleting Points transactions takes place right in the LiveSchool application, but Refunding Rewards takes place in the Admin Panel. More directions can be found in our article, Refund a Reward.

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