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What is Clever?
What is Clever?

Learn what it means to sync data from Clever.

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Clever's website has the login option in the top, right corner, along with additional drop-down menus.

What is Clever and why is your school using it?

Clever is a Dashboard that holds all the Apps you have access to through a Single Sign On (SSO) option controlled by your school or District.

Districts prefer using Clever as a setup option for App usage due to ease and security.

What does this mean for you?

This means that when you log in at you have access to all your Apps, and if it's an App that your District supports, your Students and Rosters will appear and continuously update with no work from you!

How does Clever work with LiveSchool?

Clever will sync School/District-approved data with LiveSchool upon request. For some schools this is only after data-security agreements are in place and requests have gone through the formal channels.

If you're a new user, this could mean a delay in setup, depending on the process approved by your District. We suggest learning about your District's requirements to help support your school with its use of LiveSchool and all other Apps!

Once your data is syncing with Clever, you can manage your LiveSchool site with these tips!

Learn more about Clever through the Clever article, What's Clever?

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