Only Admin users can clear the Site's Data.

Clearing Site Data is not required to restart a House Points Competition or to reset Student Bank Account Balances for spending.

Clearing all site data will delete all merits, demerits, and rewards – issued by any teacher. Your Insights reports will show no data.

This will not delete any students, teachers, or rosters you have created.

This is great if you are looking to start fresh with your LiveSchool account but please know that this cannot be undone and is final!

Once you take the steps below, you'll receive an email from our support team. You must confirm via email that you'd like to clear all of your site's data.

From the Main Menu select Setup and click Site.  Choose Clear Site Data and type in your password in the text box for Clear All Site Data.

Please note that once you do this, you'll automatically send an email to to confirm. Once you receive the confirmation email and write back to verify this is what you'd like to do, our support team will clear your site's data. You should see the following screen in your account the next time you log in to show points have been reset:

After we've cleared all of your site's data, the next time you log in you'll see a

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