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Rewards Systems: The Key to Student Buy-in

The truth is... if students don't understand why they're earning points, they won't care much about doing so.

Reward systems are a great way for students to "feel" their points – and there are a number of rewards systems you can run using LiveSchool.

There are of course tangible rewards, like candy, pop-sockets, etc.

Another option are intangible rewards, like privileges, that are usually free and can be very popular.

There are also Point Goal incentives - which students earn if they earn a certain number of points over a time period.

In this chapter, we'll focus on how to use Rewards Store in LiveSchool to allow students to purchase various tangibles and intangibles from your store, and will cover Point Goal incentives in a different chapter.

New to Rewards Stores?

Coordinating and launching a rewards store can be a bit of work, but we constantly hear how fun and "worth it" a rewards store is.

A few tips to keep in mind:

  • Your store doesn't have to be open everyday. Bi-weekly is common.

  • You don't have to have a big budget to run a rewards store - you can only list intangible rewards and it's still effective.

  • Once you get the hang of it, running a rewards store is a breeze in LiveSchool.

For an in-depth introduction to rewards stores, check out our article: All About Rewards Stores.

Getting Started

To get started managing your rewards store, from the Main Menu > Rewards > Record > Edit Menu.

LiveSchool comes with some example reward items; start fresh by deleting these.

Create Your Reward Items

Adding a new school-wide reward is simple - just click "New Reward," add a name, price, and optional description, then save.

Once a reward item has been created, it cannot be edited. To change names or point values, delete the reward item and create a new one. You will still have access to data about the deleted reward item.

Reward item names, prices, and descriptions are visible on the Student and Parent experience.

Point Bucket Rewards

If you'd like teachers to manage their own classroom store, we recommend to include "Point Bucket Rewards."

For example, you could create 3 separate rewards for "5 point bucket," "10 point bucket," and "25 point bucket." All teachers would have access to these rewards, and be able to determine what rewards they'd like to be worth 5, 10, and 25 points in their classroom.

You could also choose to allow teachers to create their own reward items. Just know that teachers will see all reward items that other teachers create, and teachers cannot delete reward items.

Running your Rewards Store

Point Balance and Selecting Students

When you open Rewards, you'll see the point balance of each student displayed on their buttons. This is their Saved amount – the amount of points they can spend on rewards.

There are a few ways to select students as they are purchasing rewards in your rewards store.

  • View students by rosters using the Roster Picker

  • View students by grade using the Roster Picker

  • Search for any student(s) in the school

Once your students are selected, they can begin the checkout process.

Student Check Out

Purchasing reward items works similarly to giving points in LiveSchool. Select a student(s), click continue, and you're presented with the rewards menu.

Select all of the reward items the student wants to purchase, and as you're selecting items, you'll see items the student doesn't have enough points to purchase automatically grey out.

Fast Checkout

If you're focused on selling one item at a time (like raffle tickets), use our Fast Checkout feature.

When Fast Checkout is enabled, you'll see the number of times a student has already purchased the item you chose, and you can checkout multiple students at a time in fewer clicks.

Purchase History

You you can view recent purchases using Timeline. Accessing Timeline from the Rewards Store pulls up a pre-filtered Timeline with only the reward items that you have purchased for students.

And if you click a student before clicking Timeline, you'll only see the reward items that student has purchased.

Refunding a reward

If you ever need to refund a reward, our team is happy to help. Click your profile picture, select Support, and chat us the details. Or send an email to support@liveschoolinc.com. We'll reply to confirm once student point balances have been restored.

Rewards Store Data

Who's Purchased a Specific Reward?

To download a list of who's purchased a reward, from the Main Menu, go to Insights > Timeline.

Add a filter by clicking the "Item" column header, and search for the reward you're interested in.

When you apply the filter only purchases of that reward will be displayed, for all students, and purchases made by all teachers – but you can add more filters by clicking the other column headers if needed.

Choose the time period you're interested in by clicking the calendar icon in the top right corner.

You can then click the download button to download a CSV of this list.

Most Popular Rewards

You can view your most popular rewards, both by the number of points spent on the reward, and the number of times the reward has been purchased.

From Insights, go to Scoreboards, then the Rewards Scoreboard. You can sort your Scoreboard from highest to lowest to view the number of points your school has spent on each reward item.

To view the number of times that each reward item has been purchased, turn off "Weight By Points" by clicking the Settings button in the top right corner first. "Weight By Points" shows you how many points students spent on the reward but if the reward items were worth 1 point.

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