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Introduce LiveSchool to Students!

We've built some student introduction slides to help with introducing LiveSchool to students. You could have your teachers share this in homeroom, or announce LiveSchool at your first assembly.

The student introduction slides allow a framework to introduce:

  • The concept of earning points for positive behavior.

  • What students will earn (or lose) points for.

  • What reward items students can purchase with their points.

  • How students will earn Point Goal rewards.

  • House Points and how (and what) Houses can win.

  • How students can keep track of their points with Recaps and their Student and Parent Accounts.

You can customize these slides to your school, and go as crazy as you'd like with the student introduction!

Inviting Families to LiveSchool

When you invite families (students and parents) to create LiveSchool accounts, they can engage in your points system via two feedback loops:

  • Logging in to their accounts on the web or our mobile app to see their points data

  • Receiving weekly summaries via our automatic Recap emails (if enabled at your school)

LiveSchool provides an access sheet for each student, which contains access codes for the student and their parent or guardians. Access codes are used to create accounts.

Both LiveSchool Admin and Teachers can print access sheets, and we recommend to pass access sheets out by Homeroom. At this time access sheets cannot be sorted alphabetically, so passing them out in small groups like a homeroom is usually quickest.

Once students and parents have their access sheets, they'll use their access codes to create an account as instructed.

Printing Access Sheets

You can download all access sheets for a roster or grade using the Roster Picker. Your download will include a PDF with an access sheet for every student in the roster.

Access Sheets

Use our sample Access Sheet to introduce Access Codes and how students and their families will create a LiveSchool account.

Student and Parent Login

Parents will go to parent.liveschoolapp.com and enter either of the parent codes. Parents can add a second child to their account too (more on this below.)

Students will go to student.liveschoolapp.com and enter their student code.

After parents and students enter their code, they will be asked to enter an email address and password to create a LiveSchool account.

⭐️ Recommendation: Enable Recaps for Automatic Weekly Summaries via Email ⭐️

When students and parents have accounts, they can receive Recap emails -- every week, automatically -- if enabled at your school.

Recaps is an optional feature. When a LiveSchool admin enable Recaps at your school, a weekly email is automatically sent to student and parent email addresses. This email includes a Magic Link that opens a summary of their data for the last week, with no log in required.

For more details about enabling and managing Recaps, review our Automatically Send Weekly Feedback to Students and Parents with Recaps article.

Information Available to Students and Parents Once They Log In to Their Accounts

When students and parents log in to their LiveSchool accounts, they can see their current Point Balance, which updates in real-time as teachers award points.

They can access their Timeline, a 3-week history of all of their behavior, comments, and rewards purchased.

And they can view your school store, complete with prices, descriptions, and how many points they have to go to be able to purchase each item.

Adding Multiple Children to a Parent Account

Parents can add another child to their account so they can swap between their children's profiles.

Click the person icon in the top right corner, choose add student then enter a parent access code from your other child's access sheet.

Then parents can click their child's name to choose who's profile to view.

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